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We love working to develop local and ambitious talent.

We’ve been responsible for lauching various local DJ’s careers such as DJ Danni, DJ Ruv, Imahn Dionne, Man Like Mars, PB +44 and more! 

We pride ourselves on giving opportunities to black
creatives and creating an evironment where they can grow and gain exposure on a larger platform.

This doesn't stop at DJ's, this includes staff, caterers, dancers, performers and even barbers.

We're an audience first brand, which in our case means we lean heavily into
the fun and positive areas of black culture.

Our audience is 80% black, which for us means the way we speak, the music we play, the talent we
engage with and the food we serve all must align with black british, Caribbean and African culture.

This doesn't exclude, but connects anyone who has a love for that, and wants to see it progress in the UK.

The Boxout audience is one united by their commitment to not letting anything get in the way of a good vibe. Any excuse for a good time is the name of the game.

We've come to represent this to our audience, and this is the level they engage with us

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